Success Stories

The Second Chance Fund has been a part of many great success stories over the years. While we would love to feature each and every one, we're happy to say that there are just too many to post! Here are a few stories to help give you an idea of just what The Second Chance Fund is all about.


Hello, my name is Ace! I'm an 8-year old Pug, and I was brought to Lodi Veterinary Care after being hit by a car that badly injured my knee and hip. After surgery, I underwent extensive physical therapy while living with my foster family. Once I was cleared for adoption, I found my new forever home and got two new best friends!


Hello, my name is Zeus! I'm 4-years old, and when I was found and brought to the clinic I was very sick, dehydrated, covered in fecal material and malnourished. Most likely, I had not had food or water in a long time. I could barely stand or lift my head. I underwent intensive hospitalization at Lodi Veterinary Care and received 24-hour care. Many people donated time and money to help make my recovery possible. Now, I am a brand new dog with a brand new, loving family. I have gained my weight and strength back, and my new favorite hobby is going on walks with my new humans!


Hello, my name is Ida! I'm a 10-month old kitten that was brought to Lodi Veterinary Care with a bad hip and abnormal eye. I underwent surgery to fix my hip and removed my eye to avoid complications in the future. I love to run and play and climb. After getting up to date on all vaccinations and recovering from surgery, I was placed in my forever home! Where I am happily and only child and can get all the snuggles I want.


Hello, my name is Prince! I'm a 4-year old Pit Bull, and I was hit by a truck driver that didn't even stop to see if I was OK! Luckily, some nice people found me and brought me into the clinic. Even though I was scared and in pain, I never barked, growled, got mad at, or tried to bite the people that were helping me. The staff at Lodi Veterinary Care found my owners through the microchip I had, but they did not want me anymore. Luckily, The Second Chance Fund stepped in to take care of me. They got me the surgery I needed and helped me to find my new home. Now, I have a happy new family where I get lots of love and a few new human siblings!