Betty's Story


Betty Davis is a 10 week old kitten who had an adverse reaction to routine vaccinations. After it was determined that she would need extensive supportive care, her owners decided they would no longer be able to care for her and surrendered her to LVC.  Betty was admitted into the SCF and after weeks of supportive care, is now a thriving, playful kitten. Her foster family has fallen in love with her (and her "Betty Davis" eyes) and plans to adopt her once she is medically cleared!



Meet Craig the cat!

Craig's Story


Craig is an 8 week old kitten who was brought to LVC after being stomped on by a milking cow. He is very sweet and purred through his entire exam despite limping badly on his right hind leg. His exam and radiographs revealed a broken pelvis and an upper respiratory infection.  Treatment for this type of injury includes 6 weeks of kennel rest and since his home is a family farm, kennel rest was not an option for his family.  Instead of euthanasia, Craig's family decided to surrender him to the Second Chance Fund.  Craig stayed at LVC for 2 weeks and has since found a foster home that will continue his rehabilitation. His foster family has fallen in love with him and plans to adopt him once he is medically cleared!

Update: Craig has made a full recovery and is now a happy, playful kitten in his forever home. Thanks to everyone who followed and supported Craig through his recovery!



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