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Meet Swampy!

Swampy's Story


Swampy is a very affectionate and playful 10 week old kitten. He was found by a compassionate citizen near the edge of a pond - cold, wet and unable to use his back leg. Swampy was immediately brought to Lodi Veterinary Care where it was determined that he would need extensive surgeries to repair his injuries.  He was admitted into The Second Chance Fund and was taken to surgery the next day. Swampy's leg injury was so extensive that amputation was the only possible treatment option. In addition to his leg injury, Swampy also sustained damage to his lower jaw. This injury required two surgeries to repair.  Swampy's loving personality has quickly stolen the hearts of his care team as he continues to recover from his injuries.    

Applications for adoption are now open for Swampy! Deadline for Applications is Monday, August 6th!


Want to adopt Swampy? 

Complete the application and submit to 

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Meet Bill!

Bill's Story

Meet "Bill Bowtie" (aka Bill)!  He is a super sweet Bernese puppy that came to Lodi Veterinary Care at eight weeks of age due to worsening GI issues.  Bloodwork and abdominal imaging showed a life-threatening infection in his abdomen.  His owners contributed significantly to his care but ultimately made the difficult decision to surrender him to the Second Chance Fund to give him his best chance at survival.  Emergency abdominal surgery showed that Bill had a large perforation in his intestines.   The team at LVC was able to provide him the surgical care he needed, in addition to plasma transfusions and round the clock care following his surgery.  We are happy to report that Bill is recovering well and enjoying himself in his foster home. 

UPDATE!! Bill has found his forever home! We wish all the best to Bill and his new family. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and resources to make Bill whole again.