Working Together to Give Pets a Second Chance at Life

The Second Chance Fund was created in response to a very real need; animals who are injured or are facing an illness who don't have access to the resources they need to recover. Animals like Wicket, a young puppy who mistakenly was exposed to rodenticides (mouse poison). 

Wicket was presented to the Doctors at Lodi Veterinary Care when he had become suddenly lethargic and unable to stand. After a thorough examination and bloodwork, it was determined that the poison had removed Wicket's ability to clot his blood, which meant that he was bleeding internally. Wicket needed a blood transfusion to replace what the poison had destroyed in order to save his life. Wicket was admitted into the Second Chance Fund and within hours of receiving his life saving transfusion he was wagging his tail and barking like the energetic puppy he once was. 

Without donations, The Second Chance Fund would not have been able to provide Wicket with the care that he needed and he would not have survived. Please consider making a donation in support of our cause and to help animals like Wicket and all of the other success stories.


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Your support and contributions help to save animals in need - just like Wicket. Your generous donations and support help to make these stories a reality.

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Gifts made in honor or in memory of a loved one provide a way to recognize that individual's dedication and love for animals.    

Likewise, memorials are made by family members, friends or businesses in memory of a lost pet as a way to recognize the human-animal bond. These memorial donations allow for that pet's memory to live on while providing an animal in need their "second chance" at life.

The Second Chance Fund would like extend a thank you to the countless individuals who have generously given in memory of a loved one in support of our efforts.